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Access hundreds of online training videos to generate more qualified leads, increase your appointment ratios & close more deals in your showroom.


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Learn how to leverage the power of digital retail and multiply your auto sales by using proven frameworks 

Sales Training

No time to train your team? We got you covered with hundreds of training sessions for your sales profesionnals.


How Can You Constantly Provide Top Quality Training For Your Team Without Breaking The Bank?

Autobahn Academy:


Autobahn Academy gives you access to a growing library of training videos tailor-made for today's car dealership. 


Online Training Modules

Access any of the hundreds of training modules to increase leads, improve closing ratio & generate more revenue in your dealership.

Fresh Content Added Weekly

We're adding training modules in all categories every month! Don't worry, we'll let you know!

40+ Auto Industry Experts

We're offering you exclusive access from the best experts in the automotive industry!

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You & your team have full access at any time of day, from any device and from anywhere you are!

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Management Changes

Leadership Development

Workforce Training and Development

Retaining Talented Employees

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"'s the Netflix of Car Dealership Training!"


Improve The Performance Of All Your Departments With Targeted And Interactive Training

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No ads. No interruptions. No distractions.

You and your team can watch continuous content without being interrupted by non-relevant videos.

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1-on-1 Coaching

Need advice, insight or personalize training for you or your team? Let's connect in real-time with a tailored coaching session.

Vendor Discounts

Our list of partners is growing fast! Want to shave some dollars off your operation costs? Join Autobahn Academy!

"This is such a no brainer. Plus I don't have to do anything since you're sending training modules based on what my people watched in the past. I really like how you guys are adding fresh content all the time. "

Sales Manager

"I can watch videos on my own schedule around the things I'm less comfortable with. I used to know nothing about marketing and now I'm pretty comfortable and know where to spend and where to cut. "

General Manager

"I'm really enjoying the Wolf Pack Mastermind. I've learned a lot on the best practices in marketing and I can definitely say that it help my sales numbers right away! "

Product Specialist

"Although I'm not a very technical person, I find your platform very user friendly and easy to use. "

Dealer Principal

"We're watching training videos as a team once a week and we then discuss what we've learned. This has helped us tweak our internal processes lately. "

Used Car Sales Manager

"I really feel like I got to another level, understanding how I can impact the sales team's day-to-day with better marketing strategies. "

Marketing Manager

"I really like how I can watch content from various people in the business, that's definitely a nice touch. I also really like the mobile app! "

Product Specialist

"It's good to see people bring new ideas and thinking out of the box for once. Thank you for the BDC resources, I can see how it will improve our team's success. "

BDC Director

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